Art and Culture

Art and culture represent quality of life. The way we approach literature, theatre, music and art reflects our society as a whole. 
Culture always has a social aspect; it is a symbol of tolerance and social development. For this reason, the Foundation also funds projects promoting intercultural understanding as well as the classic art market.


ArtWalk is art in public spaces consisting of 12 large-format murals in the city center of Saarbrücken.

"Bundesfestival junger Film"

The biggest short film festival for young German-speaking filmmakers

Experimance Festival

A three-day festival for experimental music, sound art & performance in Saarbrücken

Festival de Musique d'Obernai

As part of the Festival de Musique d'Obernai a live concert takes place at the Hager Forum annually.

Festival Perspectives

Franco-German festival of stage art

Jazz Festival "fill in"

New Jazz Festival in Saarbrücken

Moderne Galerie Saarbrücken

Exhibition of international artists in the "Moderne Galerie" in Saarbrücken

Music Festival Saar

Festival in the heart of Europe

Peter und Luise Hager-Award

The Foundation and the Saar Academy of Fine Arts and Design award prizes to outstanding students.


Peter und Luise Hager-Stiftung
Kamila Banasiak
Zum Gunterstal 
66440 Blieskastel 


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