BlueFuture Project - a sustainable drinking water project in Tanzania


The idea

The founders, Tibor Sprick (left) and Christoph Dillenburger (right), often discussed social and global grievances in their friendship. One day they wanted to take action and contribute to a positive change. Their journey began with a simple and paradoxical question:

"Why does poverty increase, even though the world donates so much money to Africa?"

A question they couldn't get out of their heads and which they had to pursue. To be able to act independently of Western ideologies, they decided to learn from African experts. They learned that it is necessary to invest in the infrastructure and the people, in order to achieve longterm change.

With the BlueFuture Project they create sustainable access to clean drinking water in Tanzanian communities. They work with locals, for locals. Their ambition is to empower people to fight the water crisis by their own efforts. Therefore they create businesses, jobs and opportunities for the local population.


Dr. Hilonga & the Nanofilter

Their partner Dr. Askwar Hilonga is an award-winning chemical engineer from Tanzania. He grew up in a small, rural village, without any access to clean drinking water. Waterborne diseases were omnipresent in his childhood and many community members fought against the crucial consequences of contaminated water.

Dr. Hilonga developed the irrepressible desire to eliminate the water crisis. He specialized and received his doctorate in nanomaterials. At the same time, he started to work on an innovative, low-cost water filtration system. The so-called Nanofilter has already changed many lives.

Contaminated water is cleaned in three steps. First, a slow sand filter removes bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. Next, the toxin Fluoride is extracted. In the third phase a nanomembrane removes heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. A unique feature of the Nanofilter is the ability to adapt the system to the local contamination. Since water sources in Tanzania contain different pollutants, calibrating the filter is extremely important. Before the filter is introduced to a community, Dr. Hilonga’s team tests the local source. 


The water stations

The founders equip community members in rural villages of Tanzania with the Nanofilter and a sales station. The so-called water station is from then on the small business of the community member. They are able to clean impure water and offer it to the community. It is assured that prices are easily affordable to every community member. It is up to eight times cheaper than all other alternatives in Tanzania.

This strategy creates companies, jobs and opportunities for locals, while water supply is assured. The water station operator generates a great income, which is mostly far above the average income in Tanzania. This income provides for the family and is often used to support other community members. Dr. Hilonga and his team ensure the maintenance of the filter and the stations. This strategy provides sustainable water supply in the community without the need of further support.



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