Music programme in Colombia

A music programme of the Foundation A la Rueda Rueda for children in Montería, Colombia

The Peter und Luise Hager Foundation supports the educational project for early musical education of the non-profit Foundation A la Rueda Rueda in Montería, Colombia, since January 2020.

The project is aimed specifically at children and young people in Montería who, due to their parents' unemployment, housing conditions and the lack of educational offers in the region, would have an uncertain future without such extracurricular activities. By participating in the programme, the children have a meaningful leisure activity and a life project. 

The music program currently has a first level of training whose objective is to discover and strengthen the skills necessary for musical practice through recreational activities aimed at the development of rhythm, pulse, tuning, concentration, as well as the taste for music; and a second level called pre-band, where basic tools and techniques are provided for reading musical writing, the execution of an instrument and the interpretation of simple works. Includes flute, guitar, violin and choir.

The objective of this project is to strengthen the level of training and implement a third level focused on the formation of a Children's Band, expanding coverage to 120 children. It will be a more complete musical group than the pre-band, where new instruments will be included to reinforce and enrich the sound and the interpretative capacity of the students; This will allow the assembly of classical and popular works that will expand the musical culture of children and their families. It includes violas, cello, double bass, transverse flutes, clarinets and saxophone.

Project sponsor is Ana Maria Arteaga Campos, former employee of the Hager Group. She lives in Colombia and is the interface between the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation and the Foundation A la Rueda Rueda.



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