Mon Coeur - Inspiration Hub

Special After-School Programme in Cape Town

Since July 2022, we have been supporting the latest educational project of the Saarland-based association Mon Coeur - Ein Band für Bildung e.V.. Mon Coeur supports the development and implementation of educational systems for children in poor areas of South Africa through a wide range of projects. It all started in 2006 with the sale of bracelets made either in a township in Cape Town or in Hamburg by refugees. The proceeds from the now expanded product range go to social projects.

In May, they opened their first own educational centre in Cape Town: The "Inspiration Hub" is an afternoon care programme with a current capacity for up to 20 children between the ages of 10 and 14. Not only are the children kept off the streets and educated, they are also given a long-term vision of how they can grow up to be positive and confident role models in their communities.

For two hours a day, trained teachers teach the children special skills to show them perspectives and educate them. Through hands-on projects and thematic workshops, they learn to ask the right questions and to master every challenge with confidence.

In addition, the Inspiration Hub is a "join-in platform" for people who want to get involved in social work, impart knowledge and inspire.

We are very happy to support the project and look forward to working with the founders Marie Christen-Jung and Florian Jung and their whole team.

Photos: © Max Matissek and Mon Coeur 



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