Education for Indian girls in Mysore

LIFT promotes girls in India through education and training, as qualified and self-confident women are the most effective means against poverty and gives young Indian women the chance to follow a self-determined path through education. This supports the necessary change in society, in which women and girls are no longer exploited and oppressed.

Since 2016, the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation has been supporting the education of Indian girls in Mysore, for which LIFT works in cooperation with the Helpers of Mary order. Today, the Helpers of Mary are a purely Indian order that was founded in 1942 by a German nun. Fighting poverty and the emancipation of girls and women are the goals of their social work. This is achieved through education, training and mutual support.

In the "Premanjali" home - in a suburb of the South Indian city of Mysore - particularly gifted girls are accommodated in the care of the Marys in order to attend a junior college after 10th grade until they graduate from high school and can then commence with their studies. The home has space for 30 girls and is close to one of the better, so-called A-grade colleges in the country. Some of the girls are studying business management or business administration, the younger ones are still preparing for their A-levels. For all of them, however, life in Premanjali means a sensational opportunity.


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