Speech to high school graduates of the Saarland

The speech to high school graduates has been organised jointly by the "Saarländischer Rundfunk", the Saarland Ministry of Education and in 2021, for the first time, the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation.

Every summer since 1999, known German-speaking authors have travelled to the Saarland for this event. Herta Müller, Lukas Bärfuss, Anne Weber and Clemens Meyer have already taken on this task. The texts of their speeches have been published as books by the Conte Verlag (Saarland).

This year, on July 13th, 2021, the well-known poet and Bachmann Prize winner Nora Gomringer held the speech in the Saarland. Due to the pandemic, the event took place in a smaller setting than in previous years. In front of 60 students, the 41-year-old will review her youth and reveal what helped her as a young loner. At the same time, the speech was streamed online. After the speech, Nora Gomringer offered a poetry workshop for interested students. A "Poetic First Aid Kit" for anyone who wants to get more involved with poetry.

Born in Neunkirchen, Nora Gomringer became known as a poet and poetry slammer. Since 2010, she has worked as director of the Villa Concordia artists' house in Bamberg. Besides that, Gomringer makes jazz music, gives poetry lectures and enjoys accepting scholarship residencies all over the world.

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