EnerTec student lab

Support of the EnerTec student laboratory at the Saarland University

Our goal in the form of the EnerTec student lab was to familiarise students with the key issue of "renewable energies". Evolving in the Faculty of Automation Technology chaired by Prof. Dr. Ing. G. Frey at the Saarland University, we support the laboratory in terms of its annual realisation costs.

Enabling communication of the basic issues concerning renewable energies to school children from primary schools up to comprehensive schools as well as children's groups and participants in events such as Girls' Day or the Uni Camp. This also involves the generation of and conversion of renewable energies and the technologies used in the process.

Students engage in all technical components such as the transfer, conversion or even storage of energy in upstream plants.

A complex task for young technicians but one which they obviously enjoy and which reveals a new approach to technical courses of study.


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