Rounding up the cents

Every cent counts – a successful employee project

There are projects which have not been initiated by the Foundation or those in need but rather by employees within Hager Group. The employee ‘cent donation’ is a good example. All sums donated by hundreds of German and French Hager Group employees – where every cent does in fact count – are more than doubled by the Foundation. All German and French Hager Group employees have the opportunity to donate the cents after the decimal point of their monthly salary. This amount is tripled by the Foundation.

At the end of 2019, 2020 and 2021, the money raised by Hager Group employees in Germany went to food banks in Homburg and Pirmasens as well as the Balthasar hospice for children and teenagers in Olpe. More than 1.5 million people now regularly use food banks in Germany, known as Tafeln. The Pirmasens Tafel currently supports 350 families every week; around 1,800 people. Especially in this difficult year, the donations are particularly valuable for these organisations. "I am glad that we can count on this donation again and again, because without the major donors we would not be able to maintain our operations", thanked the chairman of the Pirmasenser Tafel Gerhard Herrmann. 

In France, the money raised by employees went to three organisations at the end of 2019: Le Relais Ozanam near Crolles and Annecy, Nouvel Envol in Alsace und SOS Femmes solidarité 67 in Strasbourg. The donations collected in 2020 and 2021 will be distributed soon. 

The salary donation scheme was launched for Germany-based Hager Group employees in 2014. It was then rolled out in 2016 to sites in France.

The Foundation would like to thank everyone for their commitment and looks forward to welcoming more employees on board in the future.


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