Training volunteers in grief counselling

JALMALV e.V., Strasbourg – Jusqu’à la mort accompagner la vie – Helping people at the end of their lives. We all know that death and the grief it brings are part of our lives. Yet it is still difficult for people and especially for those immediately involved to deal with being confronted by the death of a loved one.

In the form of JALMALV, we have addressed a project in which more than 60 volunteers provide key assistance at home, in hospitals and in homes for those concerned.

These volunteers are trained with the financial support offered by the Foundation enabling them to offer people optimum end-of-life or grief counselling as required. But also in order to receive support in their own work.

Displaying great dedication and love, these aides approach children and adults coping with severe loss. Their goal is to gain the trust of people in mourning in order to discuss their psychological and physical suffering as well as their fears associated with death.

This physical proximity and attention are key steps to preventing isolation and represent a way of continuing to participate in a social environment. Providing the self-esteem and appreciation which are so often lacking during such difficult times.