Africa Project Dr. Schales

Africa Project Dr. Schales

The Peter und Luise Foundation has been supporting the Dr. Schales Africa project in Zimbabwe since the beginning of 2020. The association pursues two main projects:

- Health at St. Lukes Hospital in Lupane/ Zimbabwe and

- School education in the catchment area of the hospital.

The health project includes the expansion of the infrastructure, medical staff, medical equipment and medication. St. Lukes Hospital helps poor people in the area up to 400 kilometres of Matabeleland North. The hospital has 250 beds and 3000 children are born there every year.

The education project primarily involves the expansion of the infrastructure of 15 schools with approximately 6000 pupils. Within the framework of a sponsorship fund, the pupils are supported with school fees, school clothing, school meals and, if necessary, medical care.

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