Water for India

The construction of dams ensures water supplies for the population in India.

In some regions of our planet, daily access to and concern about water determines everyday life, preventing local populations from enjoying individual development.
Together with Philippe Dangelser and the "PHD Rural Development Foundation" in Delhi, the PLHS initiated the construction of two check dams in Rajasthan, India, in the spring of 2015. Check dams are simple dams that allow smaller valleys to be closed off, depending on the geographical conditions. During the rainy season, the reservoirs fill with water and provide the residents with an additional and safe source of water. While the Peter and Luise Hager Foundation provided 30,000 euros for the necessary material, the buildings were built by the men from the neighboring villages themselves. In this way, the check dams can in future be maintained by the residents themselves and, if necessary, always repaired on their own.

Meanwhile, the two reservoirs have been filled with enough water and provide five villages with 4,000 people and 9,000 cows with water. The PLHS has complemented its commitment through the "Wash in School" programme in five schools in the region. These schools will finance sanitary kits and sanitation as well as hygiene lessons for the students. Greater hygiene awareness can prevent many infectious diseases. In this regard too, water is essential for the people of Rajasthan.



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