Lakewood High School USA

Positive Behaviour Support In Schools

The Positive Behavior Support In Schools program (PBSIS) is based on scientific strategies that help students learn appropriate behavior by imitating and strengthening the expected behavior. At the same time, students improve their academic performance, which is valued by gifts and prices.

In early 2017, we started to promote this concept at Lakewood High School in New Jersey, which benefits students aged 14-19. Originally, 25% of the students did not graduate. Since the beginning of the programme, more and more students have graduated from school and fewer warnings have been made about the behavior.

To act as role models and representatives of the school in various capacities, student ambassadors are appointed by the staff. Their tasks are exemplary behavior and administrative work.

Through this conscientious collaboration of administration, students and staff, students are able to achieve their dreams and experience the value of commitment and collaboration.