Early Excellence

Development of early excellence

Our foundation attempts to promote education and learning for children at the earliest possible stage.

In the case of the Kindergartens "Melanchton" in St. Arnual, Saarbrücken/Germany and the "Haus des Kindes" in Neunkirchen/Germany, we provide specific assistance in developing early excellence by financing conversion measures and training staff.

One of the guidelines of the Early Excellence concept is that each child is unique. They are treated with high regard and respected the way they are. The focus is on the strengths and talents to be developed and encouraged.

Parents are the first and most important experts for their children. Their parenting abilities should be supported and integrated in their children's education processes.
Child day-care facilities become meeting places for the entire family, revealing themselves as internal and external educational establishments. This is a key approach, particularly in many socially troubled areas.

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