Perspectiva Brazil

From Sao Paulo to Alsace: A new perspective for eight Brazilian students

To give a significant contribution towards combating youth unemployment: This is the main purpose that drives the Project Perspectiva, sponsored and managed by Peter-und-Luise-Hager Foundation.

After three successful editions in Germany, in which partner companies welcomed Spanish graduates for six-month internships, the Perspectiva Project crossed oceans towards Brazil. The country presents a 30% rate of youth unemployment, according to statistics portal Statista.

For a life changing experience, eight students from the University of Sao Paulo travelled to Alsace in January 2019 for a six-month stay. In addition to an internship at our Hager Group, the young men and women were also able to look behind the scenes at the major French bank BNP Paribas, the energy provider Électricité de Strasbourg, and the restaurant L'Alsacienne de Restauration. In addition to working, they were also able to build up their knowledge of French in a language course and apply it in various local activities. One of the great side effects that the young adults experienced during their time in Alsace was that they got to know the French culture. Both in the working day, and outside of the workplace in their spare time.

Julia Zaniolo worked as an intern in the marketing department of the French market at Hager Group. She describes this internship as a dream come true. "I learned something new every day and developed personally and professionally," she summed up.

On the organisational side, this year the project was led by Denis Munch, Senior Manager for Sustainable Development at the Hager Group, and a member of the Peter and Luise Hager Foundation. The 2019 program was developed in collaboration with the ABC NGOrganization and the University of Sao Paulo. On site, numerous colleagues within the Hager Group helped to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Participating students:

Andressa Beltrao – Supply Chain Dept., Hager Group
Andreza Silva – Finance Dept., Hager Group
Caique Santana Dos Santos – Finance Dept., Elecricité de Strasbourg
Felipe Avelino – Controlling Dept., Hager Group
Gabriela Pereira de Andrade – Finance, BNP Paribas
Igor Nossi – Business Administration Dept., L’Alsacienne de Restauration
Ismael Henrique – RH Dept., Hager Group
Julia Zaniolo – Marketing Dept., Hager Group